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The Odorizzi Family entered the Italian Porphyry paver business in the early 1950’s.

As of today, it’s composed of different companies, from our italian porphyry quarries, to the porphyry quarries in Argentina.

Porphyry USA was founded in the late ‘90s in order to better serve the expanding business in the North American market of Porphyry products and of the Odorizzi Group. The Odorizzi group is the largest producer and exporter of Porphyry products in the world. The Headquarters are located in Italy and come with  worldwide levels of experience. For over sixty years we have contributed and impacted the Porphyry industry by creating new markets, finishes, and dimensions to the stone. Over the years we have acquired and opened a total of seven quarries with a wide range of color selections. A commitment to excellence has allowed us to be the first Porphyry company in the industry to be in compliance with ISO 9001, to ensure a high quality products.

Porphyry USA has been an active presence in the US for a long time. Porphyry USA has a portfolio of projects all over the country, in the residential, commercial, and public Arena.

Porphyry USA is based in Miami, FL, warehousing more that 30.000sf of diferent type of porphyry pavers.

We offer the supply and installation, with our specialized personell.

It is our mission as a team to create a trend in paving with Porphyry stone in the United States. We intend to continue the tradition of using italian porphyry stone to enhance the beauty and durability of the landscapes of homes, buildings, streets, and parks in our country.

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