Commercial & Public porphyry pavers


When designing spaces meant to be used by many other people, like commercial  or public areas, Porphyry stone paver is the choice in terms of physical characteristics and aesthetic appearance. It’s no wonder why it is the Italian paver and European cobble of choiche over the last hundred years for public roads, piazzas and many other spaces used by the masses.

Public areas have specific needs such as durability and strength. The first is given by the specific resistance to wear and tear, keeping the surface always non slippery. The strength is given by the very high compressive strength (more than 30,000 psi).

Of course aesthetic flavors can be satisfied with different range of colors, according from the location from which the products are quarried. Our Italian porphyry pavers are mostly supplied in Delgorsa mixed brown color, or Camparta. Our porphyry from Argentina is available in selected grey or mixed red.

Our catalog is very wide, and it may be difficult for those new to the stone to select the right item or combination. Let us guide you to the best choice that we would suggest for the different uses in this context.


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