Porphyry is a volcanic rock. It’s an ideal choice for paving because of its hardness and non slippery natural surface.

Residential & Landscaping

The details that enrich your house have to be visible well before you and your guests enter the front door. The first impression starts with the gate, the driveway and the landscaping, but has to continue throughout the property. These porphyry products are tailored to this context.

Commercial & Public

When designing spaces meant to be used by many people, like commercial areas or public areas, porphyry stone is the choice in terms of physical characteristics and aesthetic appearance. Let us suggest some specific products suitable for these needs.


Porphyry Stone has successfully been used in many unique architectural solutions. The stone is versatile enough, to be worked into products far from its traditions, into new surface finishes, and installation techniques. There's no limit to the architectural imagination.

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