Irregular slabs – Flagstones

What is normally intended as flagstone is an irregular slab coming directly from the selection of the quarry material. These polygonal shaped slabs have natural surface, variable thickness and rough edges. They are distinguished by their sizes and thickness.

It is normally used for paving external areas such as garden pathways, motor courts


  • GIANT TYPE – Used for any kind of paving, whatever the traffic intensity is. It is very good looking for garden pathways when installed in sand.
  • GIANT THIN TYPE – Used mostly for private residential motor courts, pool decks, and paving of balconies, courtyards, pathways, pedestrian areas, gardens pathways. This type is not suitable for areas with a lot of traffic.
  • SUPER GIANT TYPE – Laid down usually on sand in places such as gardens, paths, parks, etc.: the green coming out between the slabs always creates a very attractive look. It is ideal for green pathways.

Product Type

Diameter in. (*)

Thickness in. (*)

Weight lb/sf


Min. 16” (24” average)

From 1 ¼” to 2 ¾”


Giant thin

Min. 16” (24” average)

From ¾” to 1 ½”


Super giant

Min. 20” (30” average)

From 2” to 3 ¼”


Available Colors: Italy-Argentina Mixed Grey/brown – Camparta Red Gold, Grey – Mixed Red(*) Note: Flagstone irregular both in shape and in thickness