About Porphyry USA

The Odorizzi Family entered the Porphyry business in the early 1950’s in northern Italy.

As of today, the group is composed of different companies, from our Italian porphyry quarries, to the quarries in Argentina.

The Odorizzi Family founded Porphyry USA in the late ‘90s in order to better serve the expanding business in the North American market. In the late years 2000 the family has forged a joint venture with the experienced Arch. Alberto Sbarra. This joint venture is still in effect today.

For sixty years we have contributed and impacted the industry by creating new markets, finishes, and dimensions to the stone. In fact, over the years we have acquired and opened several quarries with a wide range of color selections. A commitment to excellence has allowed us to be the first company in the industry to be in compliance with ISO 9001, to ensure a high quality products.

We are based in Miami, FL, with a warehouse of more than 30.000 sf of different type of stone pavers.

We can supply and provide installation in Florida or any other US State, with our specialized workers.

As Porphyry USA, it is our mission to spread the use of Porphyry Stone to enhance the beauty and durability of the landscapes of homes, buildings, streets, and parks in US.

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Why Choose Us?

We have more than 60 years experience in quarrying and working with porphyry stone, serving architects, builders and owners on the 5 continents. Our quarries are located in Northern Italy and Argentina. Porphyry USA caters for the North American needs from Miami, with inventory for immediate delivery and direct shipment from the quarry for special projects

What Our Clients Say

Our clients’ satisfaction is our priority. We provide the best possible service and ensure that you get even better than what you requested.