Commercial & Public Porphyry
Natural Stone Pavers

Commercial Porphyry Installation

Porphyry stone paver is the best choice when designing spaces used by many people (like commercial or public areas).

In fact it is the Italian paver and European cobble of choice over the last hundred years for public roads, piazzas and many other spaces used by the masses.

Porphyry Stones satisfies the need for durability and strength:

  • specific resistance to wear and tear, keeping the surface always non slippery.
  • very high compression strength (more than 30,000 psi).

Porphyry is available in a range of colors:

  • Our Italian porphyry pavers are available in Delgorsa mixed brown color, or Camparta mix red.
  • Our porphyry from Argentina is available in selected grey or mixed red.

We would suggest these products in commercial or public spaces.