Porphyry Stone – Specifications


Porphyry is a natural stone quarried and manufactured in Italy and Argentina.

Porphyry stone shall have the characteristics indicated in compliance with ASTM C615 stone testing standard, taking into consideration the normal variability of tests methods.

Porphyry is a naturally layered stone, with 2 natural cleft faces. The thickness is selected in different ranges according to each product .

The maximum tolerance on the thickness is about ½” on the range.

The maximum tolerance on sizes is ½” for the split edge products, and 1/16” for the sawn edge products.


Porphyry products shall be stacked on wooden pallets and wrapped with heavy plastic; cobblestones shall be delivered in wooden crates or big bags. Materials may be stored outside at job site.

Porphyry shall be handled from the warehouse or port of destination to job site by equipment customarily used for conveyance of stone or other similar materials.

A minimum of 8 to 10 weeks are needed for materials not in stock.


Porphyry products have 2 natural cleft faces with natural and variable colors. Each color shall be mined out of a single quarry. The quarry shall provide material of consistent quality in appearance and physical properties.

Samples shall display surface finish, size and thickness ranges as well as the characteristic of the stone. Individual samples are not meant to be representative of the 100% of the delivery.

Mock up shall be requested to evaluate the expected color variation of the stone, with the overall aesthetic and full color range.