Residential & Hardscaping Porphyry
Natural Stone Pavers

Porphyry Installation

We know that a lot of detail is dedicated into designing high end residential and interior. But most of the time owners forget that the exterior is actually the first thing guests see.

We firmly believe that high end residential owners should live the beauty and experience the fulfillment of the hardscape.

High-end residential has specific characteristics and needs like appeal, product types, colors, finishes. All these elements play a specific role.

Porphyry stone pavers are resistant to acid and oil stains. The natural surface has lively colors, is flat and comfortable to walk on, but at the same time, non slippery.

Let us show some products from our Italian porphyry cobblestone pavers catalogue and porphyry cobblestones from Argentina. Let us guide you to the right products that we would suggest for the different uses in this context.

Every application has different needs. Porphyry cobblestone in driveways assures durability due to its strength. The natural surface is flat but at the same time non slippery, and is welcome in walkways but also in swimming pools.