Make Your Home Interior with Natural Surface Tiles

Elevate the beauty and character of your home interior with our natural surface tiles featuring split edges. These tiles add a rustic and organic charm to your living spaces, showcasing a cleft surface and varying thickness for a unique and textured appearance.

Choose from diverse colors to match your aesthetic preferences:

  • Italy – Mixed Grey/Brown: This color option combines shades of grey and brown, creating a
    classic and elegant ambiance for your home interior.
  • Camparta Red Gold: Infuse warmth and luxury into your living areas with the rich and inviting hues of Camparta Red Gold tiles.
  • Argentina Grey:Achieve a sleek and modern look with the Argentina Grey color, enhancing the contemporary appeal of your home.
  • Mixed Red: Make a bold statement with the vibrant and eye-catching Mixed Red color, turning your home interior into a captivating and inviting space.

Product Type

Standard Thickness (*)-(**)

Width available (*)


Weight lb/sf

Split edges, natural surface

Variable from 1 ¼” to 2 ½”

4” — 6” — 8” – 10”- 12” — 14”

Random or fixed


(*) Note: The inch dimension is nominal. For precise production size, please refer to measurements in centimeters (cm) to ensure accuracy in your project.

(**) Customization: We offer the flexibility of other thickness options upon request, allowing you to tailor your natural surface tiles to your specific project requirements. Let us help you transform your home interior into a place of beauty, comfort, and style.