Technical Characteristics

Porphyry is an extrusive igneous rock (coming from volcanic activity), dating to the Lower Permian era, formed when the magma was expelled into the lithosphere; due to the effect of the reduction of pressure, rapid cooling and contact with the earth’s atmosphere, the process of crystallization was halted. Porphyry is the effusive equivalent of granite. The main chemical component is silica, while other major components are iron, potassium and aluminum oxides. Porphyry is rich of the following minerals: quartz, sanidine, plagioclase, and to a lesser extent, pyroxenes and glass matrix.

These chemical and mineralogical aspects determine the physical and mechanical characteristics of porphyry. In particular we point out the following characteristics for which designers choose porphyry above other stone products:

  • Non Slippery surface;
  • One of the highest compression strength value among natural materials, that remains constant at lower temperatures;
  • Compact structure with limited water absorption;
  • Resistance to acid attack;
  • Resistance to freeze and thaw;
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